Friday, 2 February 2007

Reclaimed my sewing machine!!!

Earlier this month, I reclaimed my sewing machine that had been sitting idle for 3 years since it was bought in 2003.

I now have my seperate sewing/crafting space. A whole room to myself to do with as I please. I hope to indulge my passion of sewing, crafting and designing. I am really excited!!!

I have a room full of sewing goodies I have accumulated overthe years and my new room is bursting in its seams.

I intend from now to design stuff from recycled, reclaimed or reused materials as much as possible. Buying new is no longer cool!!!

This in a way is an experiment to see what can be made from all my bits and pieces.

My First Post

Finally, I have a blog about what I love.Sewing! After months of procastinating I have gotten around to setting this up.